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One of my favourite lunches to make up is spaghetti. It's tasty, versatile and most importantly, easy. Generally, I'll top it simply with grated parmesan cheese or shredded cheese and it keeps pretty well as is.

Now, if you want a bit more to that, some of the basic toppings - along with the cheese - I've liked are: canned pasta sauce, salsa (I go for the hottest one, personally), or even some mayo.

Meaty pasta sauces work nice, including chili. I've also used a vegetarian sauce that I rather liked. It's an approximate recipe though, so feel free to add or remove to your preference.

Going by how I made it last week )
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This one only makes two or three servings, but it's a favourite of mine for cooking up for lunch on one day and saving for lunch and/or snacks the next day. It was invented by a friend of a former housemate, so all due credit to former housemate's friend.

Accessibility notes: This one involves lifting (pots and water for pasta), and if your avocadoes aren't perfectly ripe you may find that scooping and mashing them requires a bit of manual dexterity and strength. It's low on time and chopping, though.
This recipe is dairy-free and, if you have gluten-free pasta, it could be gluten free as well. Likewise, it could be vegetarian if you leave out the optional meat ingredients.

Deliciousness ahoy )

Note: you might think "ooh, this is quite like gauacamole, let's add some sour cream!" And I did exactly that a couple of days ago, so I can report that the sour-cream version is not BAD, but I much prefer the dairy free version.
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This is one of my favorite "two-fer" dinners, and it occurs to me that it would make a great batch lunch with a little tweaking. I had it today, in fact!

All ingredients are to taste. I myself use as much over a bulb of garlic, because...garlic.

Fresh mozzarella (OMG, get the fresh stuff!)
Olive Oil

Dice the tomatoes and mozzarella. Put garlic, basil, and olive oil in a food processor, and make a paste. Mix it all together, add salt as desired.

Tuna Salad:
Canned tuna
Lemon Juice

You know the drill here ;). Make gigantic batches of each. Store separately or together - they mix delightfully.

Now, here's where it gets interesting. These are great separately or together on a good cracker or crostini. Personally, for work lunches, I just crumble up some toasties of some kind into the mix ;). This will last a good two days. For the third day, just as the tomatoes are getting a little mushy, cook some pasta (I like whole wheat angel hair with this), drain, and add the whole mess to the pasta. You don't even have to cook it if you're going to be heating it up at lunch! Divide into containers and enjoy. It's kind of ridiculously delicious, especially the third and fourth days.


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