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I've been trying to eat more dark leafy greens, but I'm not usually a fan of any other than spinach. The local co-op was handing out samples of this salad, and, oh! Yum! A kale recipe I like!

3 containers of chickpea-kale salad for lunch, and one bowl for nomming tonight

Pardon the camera-phone blurriness.

The big bowl I mixed up filled three Pyrex storage containers ("1 7/8 cups/440 ml") completely, with a bowl left over for tonight (nom). With smaller amounts in or different containers this can easily be a side dish for five days. (I think this would be dee-lish paired with baked tofu!)

There are very few ingredients, it mostly requires a little chopping and light mixing, and it gets those dark leafy greens in! Plus fiber; protein; iron; vitamins A, C, B6, E and K; and carotenes.

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Warm Black Bean and Corn Salad, adapted from a Rachael Ray recipe. This makes four side servings, probably two if you were eating it for the main meal. I think you could also easily double the recipe.

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Mar. 28th, 2010 02:00 pm
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Since I just made this to take to work for lunch, I thought that I should probably come right up here (after having a bowl) to share my recipe. This is only my version of tabbouleh; there are many other variations that are just as good!

Tabbouleh is dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free, and can be altered to be gluten-free as well.

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How about something to go with all the chickpeas (which sound delicious)? This is a very easy couscous, modified from a Boston Globe recipe. The only tedious part is slicing the almonds, but you could always just not be super particular about getting perfect little almond-slice shaped pieces.

It's also easy to modify: swap out the snap peas for green beans (or green peas), switch the cranberries for currants or raisins, change the nuts, add cooked chicken or tofu...and so forth.

It keeps well, but tastes best at room temperature, so don't eat it directly out of the fridge - I've been know to give it a few seconds in the microwave, just to get the chill off.

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This is really just a side dish, but it's a side dish that will help fill out a sandwich or hot dog lunch, and it keeps beautifully. It's also what I call a secret ingredient recipe: something that's really just a basic recipe with something special added.

(Note: shamelessly stolen from my local grocery. Hey, they don't always have it!)

Herb Cole Slaw

1 bag slaw mix (you can certainly shred your own cabbage for this)
2 small red onion, halved and sliced thinly
1 cup mayonnaise*
1-2 tablespoons vinegar (U use white wine)
1-3 teaspoons sugar
1-4 sprigs fresh tarragon

I am not a bit tarragon fan, but I have to tell you, it makes this slaw. That and the red onion turn it into something I can't get enough of. Like many salads, it gets better over the course of a few days, as the onion mellows and the flavors mix.

Makes about 4 side serving. 3 if you're me. 2 if you're me and have a small person demanding half my serving (seriously, my two-year-old scarfs this).

*Slaw dressing can be adjusted for taste - I like mine more creamy, less vinegary.

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