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This one only makes two or three servings, but it's a favourite of mine for cooking up for lunch on one day and saving for lunch and/or snacks the next day. It was invented by a friend of a former housemate, so all due credit to former housemate's friend.

Accessibility notes: This one involves lifting (pots and water for pasta), and if your avocadoes aren't perfectly ripe you may find that scooping and mashing them requires a bit of manual dexterity and strength. It's low on time and chopping, though.
This recipe is dairy-free and, if you have gluten-free pasta, it could be gluten free as well. Likewise, it could be vegetarian if you leave out the optional meat ingredients.

Flesh of two avocadoes
2-3 tablespooons of lemon juice (exact measurement is vague because I make it up as a I go along, and also because Australian tablespoons are bigger than everyone else's)
1/2 cup olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
Cooked spaghetti (enough for 2-3 people)

* 3-4 rashers of proscuitto, grilled until crisp and then broken up, OR 3-4 rashers of bacon, chopped and fried until crispy
* 1 seeded red capsicum (bell pepper) chopped
* 1 cup basil leaves, roughly torn (in absence of fresh basil, I sometimes chuck in an handful of dried basil)
* Shaved parmesan to serve


1. Scoop out your avocadoes and mash thoroughly
2. Mix in the olive oil and lemon juice. Taste - texture should be smooth, and taste should be tangy. Add more lemon juice if needed.
3. Add salt, pepper, and whatever optional ingredients you fancy.
4. Mix in the spaghetti until thoroughly covered in avocado sauce.
5. Top with parmesan if you wish.

Note: you might think "ooh, this is quite like gauacamole, let's add some sour cream!" And I did exactly that a couple of days ago, so I can report that the sour-cream version is not BAD, but I much prefer the dairy free version.
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