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So I came home tonight, and I was tired and cranky and had not much in the way of ingredients in the fridge. And yet I made a surprisingly tasty meal which divides up nicely into portions and will serve as a staggered dinner for tonight (everyone drifts in at different hours), and maybe tomorrow's lunch as well.

* Free from: tomatoes; lactose/dairy (unless you add cheese; I think it'd be bland without cheese, but your call)
* Adaptable to: gluten free, if you have the appropriate pasta and pesto; possibly even vegetarian if you added more nuts or bulked it out with feta cheese instead of meat
* Preparation: low on chopping; does require you to boil a pot and cook spaghetti; requires a second pan for making up the meat/topping mix

* 3 diced chicken thigh fillets or equivalent
* 4 spring onions/ shallots (the long green ones, not the small round ones)
* 3 hunks of frozen shredded spinach, or equivalent in fresh
* Around 2 tablespoons of pesto
* Dash of lemon juice
* Thyme
* Garlic (I used 2 tsp minced)
* Oil for cooking
* 3 people's worth of spaghetti
* 1/2 to one cup of unsalted cashews
* Parmesan to serve

Things I would add if I had them in my house:
* Crumbled feta cheese
* An actual onion, diced

Things you do:
1. Cook your spaghetti and thaw out your hunks of spinach.
2. While that's happening, fry the chicken in garlic; add a pinch of thyme at the end.
3. Remove the chicken from the frying-pan. If you have an actual onion, fry in a generous dash of oil until caramelised.
4. Quickly stir-fry the spring onions, then return chicken to the pan. Add cashews and spinach; stir up until the chicken is coated in spinach. Add another pinch of thyme and a dash of lemon juice.
5. Drain the spaghetti and return to pot. Tip in the chicken/cashews/etc; stir up well. Add pesto (and feta if you're going that route) and stir up until ingredients are evenly spread around the spaghetti.
6. Serve with parmesan on top.
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